Our state of the art processing plant and warehouse encompass buildings covering 300,000 square feet. Through multiple production lines with flexible production options we are able to produce numerous products that are sold under many national Brands.

Processing Capabilities

  • Three processing, filling and pasteurizing production lines
  • Capable of filing particulates with brine or syrup, hot-fill liquid and cold-fill liquid with pasteurization
  • Current production capacity is in excess of 5 million cases per year


  • Glass Jars 4oz - 32oz +
  • Plastic PP bottles with oxygen barrier 8oz - 160oz+
  • 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums
  • Plastic PP pouches with oxygen barries 8oz - 1 gallon

Product Categories

  • 2 stage fill and liquid sauces
  • Hot fill and post fill pasteurization
  • Shelf stable products with 2 years+ Best By
  • Sauces and whole Jalapenos, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Maraschino cherries, pickled vegetables, pureed and chopped garlic.

Specialized Equipment

  • Production
    • Vegetable blanching
    • High sheer emulsion mixer
    • Disintegration mills
    • Jar Vacuum, Safety button detection
    • Metal and X-ray foreign material detection
    • Automated atmospheric steam tunnels
    • Tube in tube heat exchanges
  • Packaging
    • Full Shrink Sleeve labeling
    • Tray Pack shrink wrapping
    • 2 pack shrink banding


  • Halal Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Organic Certified


  • Knowledgable in SAP
  • ICIX member
  • Global customs requirements
  • CHEP pallet exchange member
  • Extensive experience shipping by Rail, Road, and Ship.